Acupuncture method of naturopathy 

A method which uses needles to cure a lot of disorders and ailments in people suffering from various diseases is called Acupuncture.  Unlike the acupressure method, an acupressure method uses needles instead of small instruments in removing the blockage of energy and healing the affected parts effectively. This is one of those ancient methods used extensively in China, India and certain other Asian countries. If you want to learn about this field, look for one of the  best naturopathic schools in the world.

A naturopath used this treatment effective in treating various conditions like asthma, cough, cold, sinus and other respiratory related disorders. Apart from these, acupressure is also known to relieve a lot of muscle and joint related problems effectively.

When you are planning to undergo this treatment, it is mandatory to consult a naturopath who is certified and also has been practicing for a long time. Otherwise, it becomes extremely difficult to get the treatment. Mentioned below are some of the steps that are followed by a naturopath in administering Acupuncture to the patients.

The first and the foremost thing that happens when you walk into a clinic of an acupuncture specialist is he /she would ask you a lot of questions in order to diagnose the condition properly. Once they get to understand the root cause of the problem they would work on you using the needles that would be inserted at various depths. This needle insertion would happen on the points located on different parts of the body, and these points indicate a connection with the respective internal organs.

After the needles are inserted then based on the severity of the condition, the therapists may push the needle further down or even turn it a little, and this can be a little painful. The needles would be left in the same position for some time and then it would be removed based on the practitioner’s discretion.

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