Acts of Courage with ValueMags

ValueMags has been promoting moral courage within their company, between employees, and outside their company walls. Moral courage is at the center of ethics in our modern day. It contains three aspects that ValueMags executives want to encourage their employees to practice: moral endurance, moral danger, and principles.

Moral endurance is how long an individual can push or stand a poor moral action. For example, if someone in their environment keeps stealing from the grocery store but they are poor and need to survive, how long can that individual morally endure that knowledge without putting a stop to the behavior.

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According to ValueMags researcher, moral danger is when you want to put a stop to the given behavior but there may be risks involved in stepping in. Take the prior example. Say that individual, although poor and huge, has a violent history with people in their immediate environment. Will stepping in and calling them out pose a threat to their life? Will they be endangered if that individual has a history of violence?

Lastly and most importantly, ValueMags is especially encouraging their employees to act with principle. Understand that some principles and moral differ from individual to individual and from culture to culture. The important question ask ones self is if morals and actions differ, is the way they are implemented and practice in other cultures harming? If not, ValueMags wishes their employees accept those differences. If the practice is misinterpreted and violates certain ethics law and company rules, to voice their concerns overcoming endurance and danger.

ValueMags is one of the few modern day companies that talks about ethics and important issues with their employees. The marketing agency for magazine publishers highly encourages other companies to create a welcoming environment for employees to their opinions and concerns.

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