About Horizon Fitness Elliptical Machines

Horizon Fitness is fully possessed by Manley Health Tech., a Chinese manufacturer that’s been running a business for more than twenty five years. They are also most stockholders in Vision Fitness, Matrix Fitness, and AFG.

Horizon Fitness elliptical machines are produced in Johnson’s factory in China, exactly the same factory because the Vision elliptical machines. They compete mind-to-mind with lower listed Vision and Icon elliptical machines.

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The significance of Horizon Fitness Elliptical Machines

Horizon Fitness manufactures nine different elliptical machines which are almost exactly the same design. These trainers are ranked in the low finish from the quality scale, and therefore are known to as cheap by many people due to a budget particle-brake drive systems that are disguised by Horizon’s mentioning for them as “ECB.”

Horizon Fitness elliptical machines are offered within the U . s . States by Dick’s Sports, Sears, and also the Sports Authority. A large problem is incorporated in the style of the trainers is affordable rollers that roll on tracks across the ground and collect grime with time, producing a bumpy and uneven ride.

The mechanical braking mechanism has frequent problems and needs substitute of cheap components. This issue also wastes anyone’s money and time.

Around the positive side, most Horizon Fitness elliptical machines possess some nice amenities built-in, like fans and ipod device docking stations.

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Horizon Fitness Elliptical Machine – E1200

This trainer is listed around $2,600. Granted, this is among the best elliptical machines Horizon Fitness makes, but evaluating apples to apples with competitive machines, they’re way from their cost range here.

The very best reasons for this trainer is it includes 16 different resistance levels, 16 different fitness programs, no-slip feet pad, and 2 amber Brought home windows with lengthy alpha number display. Thankfully, it arrives with an eternity warranty around the frame.

Horizon Fitness Elliptical Machine – E900

By having an selling price of $2,200, this trainer is really a bad value due to the various issues with the braking mechanism along with a level of resistance that changes very gradually. Avoid this trainer whatsoever costs.

Horizon Fitness Elliptical Machine – CX-66

Customers are convinced that the feeling and movement is extremely poor about this machine. The total cost of the machine is $1,400.

Horizon Fitness Elliptical Machine – EX-76

Cost tag about this machine is about $1,200. This trainer also receives poor consumer ratings due to a budget components accustomed to construct it. Around the vibrant side, it will convey more resistance levels and better shows compared to other Horizon Fitness elliptical machines.

Horizon Fitness Elliptical Machine

This trainer has excellent non-slip articulating feet pedals. Unhealthy news is it includes a very awkward searching display and uses that old roller track elliptical design.

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