8 daily habits that may affectthe Vitiligo

Vitiligo skin disease can be understood as an autoimmune issue in which the skin cells are significantly affected that leads to the formation of the white patches that are the results of the pigments that are destroyed.

The studies conducted on this subject of causes of vitiligo suggest that people who suffer from vitiligo because of the genetic composition usually lack the desired level of few nutrients specifically, the effects of these nutrients could not be directly related to the vitiligo on a broader aspect.

This disorder is not seen or considered as any deficiency but the immune system of a person actually attacks its own pigments because it starts considering them as any foreign agent and in course of their actions the damage that the pigments suffer leads to the formation of the white patches. The vitiligo symptoms are evident.

Vitiligo itself is presently a matter of study and research and nothing can be directly confirmed on the medical basis but it is speculated that the following precautions should be taken by the patients who suffer from the same.

  1. The affected person should avoid consuming pears and blueberries.
  2. The person should avoid all the fruits containing citrus and turmeric.
  3. The person should stay away from any chemical products including the cosmetic products.
  4. Exposure to the direct sunlight should be avoided
  5. Coming into any physical contact with random people in the open arena or any exposed location should be avoided.
  6. Stress should also be avoided as in many studies it is found that stress may trigger the rate of occurrence of vitiligo and its expansion.
  7. Consumption of coffee, curd, and pickles should be avoided too.
  8. Alcohol is not allowed as well.

There are several other protocols that are suggested a person suffering from vitiligo but the research in the field is still on and the confirmed facts are actually awaited. The process of treatment at times may be too demanding but a strict diet and proper care are mandatory to avoid the spreading of the problem.

The patients are advised to eat vegetables that are leafy and plant-centriclike carrots, spinach, and radish. There are many patients who are advised to completely avoid any form of dairy products.Use of dyes and certain detergents also found to have negative effects on the affected skin and hence, it should be avoided as well.

It is an indubitable fact that minerals are of immense importance to our overall health but there are few minerals that may run short in our body during the vitiligo treatment because the food items rich in these minerals are in the list of the foods that should be avoided and hence, it is important to provide these minerals to our body through supplements. These minerals primarily are Copper, Iron, and Zinc.

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