7 Herbal Teas That Help in Reducing Belly Fat

Herbal teas have multiple beneficial effects to our health. The most popular herbal teas taken for therapeutic benefits are Red Ginseng, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Hibiscus, Milk Thistle, Echinacea, Lemongrass, Ginger, Peppermint, Chamomile, Blackberry, Dandelion, Hawthorn, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Red Clover etc. Generally, flowers, seeds, roots, bark, leaves, or stems of these herbs and spices are used in brewing tea.

However, a few of these teas are especially useful in reducing fat. Since the fat on the abdomen is the most visible and discernible fat deposit in the body, herbal teas are known to reduce belly fat. This is generally achieved in several ways, such as:

  • Increasing Metabolism:

An increase in metabolic rate makes a person feel more energetic and active. It helps to prevent fat accumulation and to burn out excess stored fat. The antioxidants present in these teas increase the basic metabolic rate of the body and help in burning fat around the belly.

  • Suppressing hunger and reducing the craving to eat:

Taking herbal tea at regular intervals gives a feeling of satisfaction and fullness in the tummy. This helps in curbing hunger and reducing the food intake.

  • Reducing overall anxiety and stress:

Most people undergoing stress often find relief in eating and indulge in stress-induced binge eating. A calm and peaceful mind prevents undue desire to eat and is amenable to good dietary habits.

  • Maintaining ideal glucose level

Excess glucose is not just harmful for overall health, it also results in fat build up. Herbal teas improve liver function and bile production to check excess glucose level in body.

There are certain herbal teas that specifically target these effects, and are considered good for reducing belly fat. Here is a list of herbal teas that are safe to consume anytime round the clock and can be taken on empty stomach or before meals.

#1. Ginseng Tea

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Ginseng has been called the “root of life” and “king of medicinal herbs”. Ginseng roots contain lots of beneficial active substances, such as ginsenosides, saponins, antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, micronutrients etc. It also helps, besides so many other benefits, in boosting metabolic rate and lowering cholesterol. This tea contains potent antioxidant catechin, which prevents free radicals’ attack, cell damage, and irregular blood circulation. It also acts as a CNS stimulant, reduces the cortisol level, drives away stress, and thus combats fatigue. It is a great stimulator and provider of enhanced energy, stamina, mental power, and fit body.  When it comes to weight loss benefits, the Panax or Korean Red Ginseng have been found to be most effective among its other types.

Ginseng tea can be prepared straight from the tea bags, or by boiling finely chopped dried ginseng root in water. The tea can be sweetened by adding honey. Its strong aroma can be made bearable by adding basil or cinnamon

#2. Ginger Tea

Ginger has always been a popular remedy for digestive disorders like upset tummy, vomiting, and gastritis. It is also a natural remedy for cough and cold. Several researches have conclusively proved that ginger is very useful in boosting up the metabolic rate, thus effectively helping in melting down fats in the body to give more energy. Higher energy levels in the body leads to burning more calories.  Regular consumption of warm ginger herbal tea is recommended beginning with the regular morning cup on empty stomach.

#3. Cranberry Tea

Cranberries are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These shrubs grow in high altitude and have plentiful of rare vitamins like Vitamin K and E, which are not easily found in other food sources. Cranberry tea is acts as a powerful detoxification and cleansing agent that flushes out toxins from the body. It helps the liver, kidney, and lymph nodes to function better. It increases the metabolic rate to a healthy level and helps in weight loss. It is easy to make cranberry tea by adding pure undiluted cranberry juice to green tea.

#4. Dandelion Tea

It might come as a pleasant surprise that dandelion tea is widely recommended as the herbal tea that helps in losing weight. It does this by making you feel cheerful and light. It helps in suppressing your hunger and craving for food. Dandelion is a natural diuretic and prevents water retention in the body while flushing out excess water. It also improves liver function and bile, which help to maintain glucose level and remove toxins.

All these benefits along with the increase in metabolism can help burn your body fat. If you continue to drink dandelion tea and pair it with your workouts, you are surely going to lose lots of abdominal fat in a few weeks.

#5. Fennel Tea

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Fennel is common spice that we see in almost every kitchen. But its use as herbal tea is known only to a few. Fennel seeds and oils have been used for medicinal properties. It has lots of health benefits and has been used as a Greek and Chinese medicine since ancient times. Fennel tea is pleasant in taste and aroma. It can be prepared by boiling fennel seeds in water, till the water turns light brown. It can be taken as many times as one can, starting with a morning cup.

Besides being rich in several vitamins and micro-nutrients, fennel has antioxidant properties and improves digestion. Both contribute to weight management and reduction of fat in the body. Improved digestion helps your body to absorb nutrients well. This reduces cravings by keeping you satiated. It also helps to decrease serum glucose levels. All these factors help in losing weight.

#6. Basil or Tulsi Tea

The Holy Basil is also called the ‘Queen of Herbs’ due to its medicinal properties. Basil tea helps in boosting the metabolic rate which results in rapid burning of body fat. It is considered one of the effective natural methods for losing unwanted weight. By improving digestion, Basil helps in proper breakdown of carbohydrates and lipids. Basil helps in functioning of the liver, which is necessary for bile production and maintaining sugar level.

#7. Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is a popular spice obtained from the bark of the tree ‘Cinnamomum’. This tree bark has been used for medicinal properties in essential oils. Cinnamon has been found to work better on abdominal fat. By reducing insulin resistance, it enhances insulin’s capacity to metabolize blood sugar. Insulin lowers glucose levels in body and helps to reduce fat by lowering the levels of hepatic and serum lipids.  It also helps to reduce hunger and food cravings, resulting in weight loss.


All the herbal teas mentioned above are common varieties and not those rare herbs which are difficult to procure. But these herbs often come adulterated and mixed with fake ingredients.  For your knowledge, Korean Red Ginseng tea is one of the most authentic herbal teas that have been made of the extracts of 6 years old ginseng root, which is considered as the most potent, to provide healing effects on health.  Another advantage with these light and mildly flavored herbs is that they can be combined with other herbs to make a more powerful and potent decoction that is more tasty and flavorful as well. You can add honey for added sweetness. So, go ahead and enjoy your healthy cup of tea that will also reduce your abdominal fat.


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