5 Things to Look Out for When Searching for an Egg Donor Agency

In recent years, more and more couples have become receptive to the idea of alternative methods of reproduction due to various reasons, some of which include age and biological complications. Egg donation has become increasingly popular and the need for donors has given rise to a good number of agencies. However, not all companies are equal or offer the quality you as a client deserves. Most couples get financially exploited during this time because they are desperate for a successful reproduction. So, here are a few things you can look into in order to determine the reputation and legitimacy of a donor egg agency.

Business duration and working relationships

If you are looking to find a reputable agency, you should put into high consideration the duration in which they have been in business and if they are up-to-date with federal regulations on reproduction law. A good agency will also have solid working relationships with a couple of fertility and IVF centers.


Money is a key factor to consider when being provided with a certain kind of service even when using a donor agency. Find out what their rates are and if those rates are reasonable to avoid being exploited financially. Also, make sure they have policies that allow for refunds or a rematch.3

Donor requirements

When sourcing for a donor egg agency, make sure you look into one that adheres to specific guidelines on what is required of their donors. These include age, medical history, psychological screening, background check, history of substance abuse, and fertility among other things.

Online database

A potential agency should be up to speed with their online donor database and should have a wide array of donor selection including mixed ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. It should also have a list of more local donors in order to reduce the cost for intended parents and also offer convenience.

Matching services

This mostly focuses on business ethics and processes of the agency when it comes to matching a donor with potential parents. Check to see if they are organized or efficient, what services they offer – for example, do they provide their clients with renowned reproductive lawyers. Do they regularly update intended parents on progress, or do they respond promptly to emails or phone calls? You also want to know how they coordinate the entire process, as this is an important consideration for both the donors and intended parents. They shouldn’t have to suffer the hassle.

If you put key considerations on the aforementioned, you not only stand a chance to get services you will not regret, but also help you and your partner go through a smoother process, as you look forward to becoming potential parents.  A less stressful time ensures less headaches during this psychologically trying and emotional period, and it can only be achieved by getting a good and reliable donor egg agency. If you are looking into alternative methods of reproduction, then this might be what you need, so, don’t be afraid to try.

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