5 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Catering Service

While planning a party or an event, one of the most important things you need to do is hire a catering service. Hiring a catering service can help you serve delicious food at your party as well as provides servers and other services. Many people don’t pay attention to how important a catering service is, which is why they end up making a lot of mistakes. If you don’t want to make the same mistakes, here are five most common ones that people make while hiring a catering service:

  • Hiring the Cheapest Caterer:

Cheapest caterers aren’t always the best way to go. Generally, low prices mean low quality food and even less experienced staff. They might not even cook healthy meals unlike good caterers like Freshmint repas santé. Therefore, don’t go for the cheapest caterer. Instead, go for someone who is in the moderate to high range.

  • Not Going for All Kinds of Staff and Servers:

Sometimes, caterers charge extra for various kinds of staff. You should not forget to include the staff and servers as a part of catering services at your event. Staff like bartenders, wait staff, and servers should be included in any kind of event as they ensure that your party goes smoothly.

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  • Going for a Verbal Agreement:

A verbal agreement means a lot of loose ends. You should ensure to get a written agreement from your caterer or else he or she might change costs at the last minute. Sometimes, misunderstandings and mistakes also cause confusion if there is no written agreement. Therefore, ensure to have a written agreement.

  • Not Considering References:

You should always consider references before hiring a caterer. People who have hired the service before would know how they operate and if they are good for your event. You should always consult with all the references and prior customers of the service to get an idea of how well the catering service served them. This would help you finalize your decision in an even better way.

  • Hiring without Tasting:

You shouldn’t blindly trust the ratings and references either. You should give the food a try before you hire a caterer. Everyone has a different taste bud and you might not like what others did. So, ensure that you taste the food before hiring the caterer.

Catering services are an integral part of your event. So, vet them carefully and don’t fall for these mistakes.

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