5 Effective Exercises for Prevention and Correction of Droopy Eyelids

Droopy eyelids are caused due to various reasons. Along with injury to the nerves and muscles, and aging which leads to loss of elasticity of skin, there are some lifestyle-related reasons too for droopy eyelids. In that case, the condition can be corrected by some simple natural remedies, one of which is eyelid exercises.

According to several doctors, the effectiveness of exercises to rectify or prevent droopy eyelids is questionable. However there are many other doctors who believe that these exercises are effective.

Eyelids are a part of a ring of muscles around the eyes known as orbicularis oculi. Exercises can tone these muscles and thus can prevent or rectify droopy eyelids. If exercise cannot rectify the condition, you always have an option of droopy eyelid surgery by Dr. Naveen Somia, for example. So, it’s advisable to try these exercises and also try to prevent droopy eyelids by bringing changes in your lifestyle.Image result for 5 Effective Exercises for Prevention and Correction of Droopy Eyelids

Don’t forget to consult your doctor first before trying these exercises because s/he is the best person to know if they will be suitable to you.

Droopy Eyelid Exercises

  1. One-eye Exercise: It’s good to perform an exercise targeting the affected eyelid as well as its muscles. This exercise will develop tolerance in the eyelid muscles and bring improvement in ptosis. One-eye exercise is to be performed by moving your eye in a movement of figure eight for a few minutes every hour.
  2. Lower Eyelid Squints: This exercise is considered to reduce puffiness below the eyes. Lie supine or sit erect. Then, place your index fingers on the outer corners of your eyes and place the middle fingers on the inner corners. Look at the ceiling and applying gentle pressure, squint strongly with your lower eyelids. Let your upper eyelids be open and release the squint. Repeat ten times.
  3. Upper Eyelid Stretches: This exercise is designed to strengthen your upper eyelids. Look in the mirror and place your index fingers slightly curved just below the eyebrows. Now hold the eyebrows against the bone above your eyes. Close eyes and stretch down the upper eyelids. Repeat these actions five times and then shut your eyes squeezed for six seconds. Relax the eyelids for 3 seconds and then open the eyes. Perform this exercise two times a day for five days in a week at least.
  4. Patch Exercise: An eye patch can improve ptosis too. It compels your eye to do all the work when it’s about vision and improves your focus and motion of eyelid muscles. However, before performing this exercise, take the advice of a doctor like the one performing the best plastic surgery in Bondi Junction. In this, you have to cover your healthy eye with a patch or gauze. This will make the affected eye to do the entire work of ‘seeing’. Your doctor will advise you about the length of time you should do this.
  5. Yogic Eye Exercise: Though the yogic exercise is not particularly meant for droopy eyelid, it can bring improvement in concentration, vision and focus in your affected eye. Just sit on the floor comfortably. Let your spine be straight. You can sit against a wall. Now focus your eyes on a specific object and gaze for a particular length of time. You will have a sense of working of your eyelid muscles while holding the stare. The object to be focused on may be a flame (of a candle for example) or an apple etc.


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