4 Tips to Get into a Better Shape during this Summer

Summer is a perfect time to try out many new things: some people will opt out for bungee jumping, others will check out a new website that promotes dating a widower, and then there are people who will utilize summer to stay physically active.

On the other hand, this season allows you to be active without even thinking about it. It can also affect your diet, as summer is the time for grilled lean meat on the BBQ and fresh, light, vibrant salads with plenty of delicious vegetables.

With that said, it’s of utmost importance to set goals for yourself. Just being outdoors all the time won’t cut it – you’ll be around people having a few beers and snacking on a few little treats, all of which will get in the way of you getting super-fit this summer.

  1. Cinnamon

You can add cinnamon to shakes and smoothies, mix it into rubs for your meat or sprinkle it on fruit. It’s probably one of the most available ingredients that can help you with weight loss. Furthermore, it has a regulatory effect on blood sugar levels and increases insulin levels in your body.

It mimics what insulin does and increases the rate at which you metabolize glucose. A high blood sugar level prompts your body to store more fat, but cinnamon will help fight this. The list of cinnamon’s benefits is long, but if you’re struggling to add it to your diet in any regular way, simply mix it with hot water, let it cool and then sip away.

  1. Ice

Another relatively simple way for burning fat comes in the form of the ice bath. Load a bath with ice, get in it and sit there for at least ten minutes. The science is straightforward on this one – your body wants to maintain itself at a certain temperature and it will do whatever it can to keep you at 98.6 degrees.

In a cold bath, your temperature is lowered and your body will burn calories to produce heat – most often in the form of fat – to get you back to your correct temperature. It’ll hurt, but build yourself up.

  1. Eat More…

To keep on track with your weight loss goal, cut out simple carbs and boost protein levels. This might sound obvious but make it a goal – when you eat out, when you prep meals at home, when you eat at friend’s houses.

Do your research too – find out which meat and fish are higher in proteins and which carbs are lower on the GI index and therefore better for energy.

  1. …but Drink Less

It’s easy enough to give in to alcohol, especially during the hot summer months. And once you have, it’s a slippery slope down to smashing back the beers with your friends and waking up with a whole load of calorific intake, a hangover that wants to be soaked up by greasy food and no desire to go to the gym.

Be honest with yourself and go for a drink or two, but cut out that craving for vodka and soda with a squeeze of lime – you’ll be glad you did in the morning.

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