4 Subtle signs that it’s high time you take care of your mental health

With the increase in instances of depression and anxiety, it is required that you remain proactive and you focus on maintaining your happiness and health by taking some time off. One has to face it head on to make sure he is doing everything which is possible within their best efforts. There are many celebrities who have gone pretty far in discussing their mental health with the press and with the public.

There are counseling offering agencies like e-counseling.com where you can get help of a counselor who can assist you in feeling better. But when should you understand that you need to take care of your mental health? Here are few warning instances to take into account.

#1: Your family and friends start worrying about you

Do your friends and family members complain that you’re behaving differently than what you used to behave before? This is one of the main signs that something is wrong. They are the people who know you best and hence their assumption will definitely be true for you. If several people tell you about this abnormality of behavior, it’s high time you take it seriously.

#2: Your productivity is decreasing day by day

An ace board-specified psychiatrist tells that your performance in your workplace can tell a lot of things about your mental state. If you’re repeatedly underperforming at your job, this indicates that your mental health needs some improvement. In case you’re missing your deadlines, falling back on work and constantly getting irritated at work, there’s something that you should be aware of.

#3: You no longer enjoy the things which you loved

If you constantly think that something which you love is not bringing you any joy like it did before, you should understand that it’s time for you to go for a check-up. If you used to love going out for partying after work or if you loved cooking, but now you don’t prefer doing any of those tasks, this is an indication of a poor mental state.

#4: You start withdrawing from social life

Do you find yourself not going out as much as you used to go out previously? This is another indicator that something is wrong with you. You can get irritated and angry with small things and it is tough to shake off all such reasons which might roll you back otherwise.

Therefore, if you face any of the above mentioned situations, you should be alert about your worsening mental state and seek help of an expert professional who can help you with this.


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