4 Characteristics of a Great Spinning Instructor


Every career has its practitioners that seem to rise to the top. They are the ones who do the job better than anybody else. In the indoor cycling realm, there are some spinning instructors who seem to have an innate ability to motivate and inspire. These are the great instructors who know how to get the most out of every student in every session.

How do you know your instructor is one of the great ones? More importantly, how do studio owners know that their instructors are the best in the business? By paying attention to how they conduct their classes. According to Salt Lake City’s Mcycle spin class studio, there are four characteristics that every great spinning instructor possesses:


  • 1. Genuine Enthusiasm


In any instructor-student scenario, it is hard to teach something you do not believe in. One of the ways students pick up on this fact is by observing a lack of enthusiasm from instructors. But the opposite is also true. Enthusiasm tells students that their instructors believe in what they are doing. This is important in the exercise environment.

Spinning instructors who demonstrate enthusiasm demonstrate they believe in the benefits of indoor cycling as a means of exercise. Their enthusiasm rubs off on students. That is vitally important in a day and age in which it is difficult to get people to exercise regularly.


  • 2. Articulate Speech


Part of the instructor’s job is to give instructions during the course of a class. Unfortunately, students can struggle when instructions are not clear and concise. They will not do well if they don’t know what is expected. Thus, articulate speech is critical for spinning instructors.

Instructors have to be able to give clear, concise instructions throughout. Equally important is the timing of those instructions. They cannot be given too soon, or they become confusing. They cannot be given too late or students will not have time enough to react.


  • 3. Good Understanding of Cadence


Cadence is defined as “a rhythmic sequence or flow of sounds in language.” If an instructor has a good understanding of cadence, he or she is able to design workouts that flow seamlessly with music selections. Some instructors start with the music and then design a workout routine around it. Others create a workout routine and then find music that supports it. At any rate, cadence is what holds it all together.

Interestingly enough, a good understanding of cadence can help an instructor provide better instructions. For example, the first few minutes of a ride can establish the starting cadence. All the while, the instructor is explaining the overall goals of the routine and what to expect from the first set of instructions. An entire rhythm of instructions can be built into the routine by paying attention to cadence.


  • 4. Individually Motivating


Finally, the best spinning instructors have an innate ability to motivate individual students one at a time. Not that the instructor goes through the class speaking to each rider separately, but that he or she can pay attention to each one and offer encouragement and motivation as needed.

This sort of instructor intuitively senses how students are doing. Students are all recognized as individual people with their own needs, abilities, etc. A good instructor encourages those in need of encouragement and pushes those who need to be pushed.

Becoming a successful spinning instructor is not easy. Some of it is about raw talent, but most of it is hard work and learning. The best instructors do what they do to get the most out of every session. They motivate and encourage their students to do the same.

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