12 Things Crossfit Beginners Should Know

Are you a beginner to the world of Crossfit Los Angeles? It can be quite intimidating to start something like crossfit training. You may even wish to have been better prepared for your first day at crossfit in order to get a grip on those nerves.

Here are 12 things that we think a crossfit beginner should know so that you don’t turn into a bundle of nerves.

  • Your crossfit training center need not be convenient.

Many people feel that each trainer or coach and each training center is the same. So, they get themselves signed up at a center that is convenient for them. However, each center and each crossfit trainer is different. So, you should get your credit card swiped at a center that makes you want to come back.

  • Crossfit centers are not full of athletes.

The most common image that beginners conjure up when it comes to crossfit training is a room full of hunks grunting and yelling as they pump the iron. However, there are a lot of centers that have regular people who are nowhere close to being an athlete. There are women’s only batches as well that are conducted separately.

  • Crossfit is not about speed.

People often believe that crossfit training is all about speed. In fact, crossfit is about doing certain kind of exercises within a fixed time. It is all about repeating certain movements for a fixed number of time. Some people may be able to do a set of 15 squats in 15 minutes while others might be able to do 10 squats. It is all about attaining an intensity that you are comfortable with.

  • Crossfit builds muscles.

While there is some truth to that, it is not the only truth. Crossfit training is more of a strength and conditioning workout. The high intensity of the training program elevates the heart rate for a long time which in turn helps build endurance. After all, a fit body is not all about muscles and abs. Bodily endurance is equally important.

  • Crossfit can be challenging.

People who have had some sort of experience with fitness training often walk into a crossfit center bubbling with confidence. However, crossfit is a whole another level in fitness. Any previous athletic achievements or past fitness regimes are not going to help.

  • Crossfit is customizable.

You don’t have to do the same type of workout session as the person next to you. Your trainer can design a session that is ideal for you. There is no fixed weight that you need to work with or time limit for one session. It can all be customized for your body as per your need.

  • You should maintain a log.

Your progress is going to be slow and steady. But maintaining a written log of how many sets you were able to squeeze in on a daily basis will help you track your progress. So write down what you did on a daily basis.


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